How to avoid Bed Bugs going from Hotel to Home

Hotel stay are always acceptable and enjoyable when there is no chasm between reality and expectation. When we check in the hotel room, it’s always advisable to first have a proper survey of the room. There are unwanted souvenir hidden in the area where you are going to stay. And they are called BEDBUGS.

Bed bugs are found on the bed sides, like bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, etc. if you have a cockroach bite click here upholstery and area near carpets and wall. Mostly these tiny creatures are not visible and they cannot be identified without proper flashlight. If your hotel stay is during the vacation that you have planned with family after a long and stressful working environment, this check is must. We can avoid the next coming issues that can arrive with these tiny demons. Let’s have a look on the tips through which we can avoid taking them back.

Our outing either personal or official includes some previous bookings and reservations. Before we finalize the hotel for our comfortable stay, one should always follow below mentioned tips:

Tips for selecting the right Hotel(Bug free)

· Check the reviews of the hotel, on famous websites like,, etc.

· If you have still have doubts, then ask your hotel people for the recent infestation being carried out. You can verify the same from the reviews posted on the sites that are meant for the infestation process, for example Bed Bug registry.

How to check the Hotel Room:

When you have selected the hotel you need to check these below mentioned points:

· Check the bed sheets after removing it from the tucked mattress, as they are inside the seam and hidden areas. Fixed beds with the matching upholstery also carries them, you can find them with the small dried spots, and skin sheds with tiny moving array.

· Properly check these below mentioned areas in the room:

§ Bed sides and behind the mattress.

§ Pillow and their covers.

§ Head backs- Area behind the bed attached with the upholstery.

§ Pictures or paintings hanged on the wall.

§ Lampshades.

§ Carpeted area on the wall.

§ Closets and the wardrobe.

If you find any crevices or crack in the area, please inform the staff.

· One more important point to notice, bedbugs hitchhike very fast and can move from one room to other which is below, adjacent, behind or in front. So before you change the room make sure that it’s away from the affected room or the area.

· Till the time you are satisfied, please don’t unpack your luggage on bed, table or cupboard, instead open your suitcase or bag in the bathroom area or on the luggage stand.

· Avoid using the drawers and the boxes made to store things. Keep things in zip lock pouch and store back in the luggage after use.

· Don’t leave your dirty clothes on the bed or chair. Fold them in a poly bag or zip lock bag and keep in the luggage.

· Preferable, if you keep the suitcase or the luggage itself in the plastic pouch.

Prevention is always better than cure. We can assure our stay with the above mentioned checks.

Return Home Check and follows ups:

After you come back from the hotel stay, follow these steps to have a double surety.

· Just inspect your luggage outside somewhere the house to clear the doubts of having any bug near the folds, zippers and seam.

· Wash all the clothes bought back to home, even the unused oneat high temperature to ensure they don’t enter somehow in your wardrobe.

· Bed bugs are very active and good at hiding, so check properly even in the areas you cannot think off. They can be identified with some small red blood dried marks, brown skin falls, and some dusty particles on the expected areas.

These six legged tiny creatures can leave itchy marks, red patches, and very irritating nights. If you come in contact with them, they can surely come along with you. So, better be assertive and alert with the hotel stay.

There are special infestation methods that are carried away to determine the presence of these bedbugs. If you have even 1 percent doubt about their presence, please get the expertise team for the inspection and carry out necessary preventive measures.

Have a safe stay with a memorable trip!!!!!