MCE Summer School: your transformational Rome experience

Students and researchers of social sciences, law, economics, communication, etc. specialize in aspects of social life that are of great importance for the future of society. They study individual actions that, in the network of relationships, form and shape our common life in society.

mce summer school

At the same time, it is important that the social sciences are not closed in on themselves. The wisdom of the Christian faith sheds a powerful ray of guiding light in our contemporary post-modern intellectual context; it offers a view of man that goes beyond a merely technical, economic, or juridical understanding.

The social sciences and religion are mutually dependent on one another.They offer each other a great wealth of knowledge and must continually enter into dialogue.

Thus the idea for the MCE Summer School was born: a series of lectures on moral theology and ethics that brings together students of social sciences from all over the world to learn, to dialogue, and to experience Rome.