musei-vaticaniI get lost in these Vatican Museums,with their eleven thousand rooms

and eighteen thousand windows-masterpieces standing alone and silent.”



Visitors to the Vatican Museums have before them some of the finest art collections in the world. It was built up over centuries through the artistic, dynastic and religious ambitions of the popes and has now grown into a museum complex of unrivalled scope and importance. Housed in sections of the huge Vatican Palace and also in wings built specially for the purpose, the Vatican Museums not only display major works of art for every century, they also reflect the ideas and ideals that gave birth to the museums.


Full price: 16 euros

Reduced price: 8 euros (students)

Free Entrance: last Sunday of the month

Booking: http://biglietteriamusei.vatican.va/musei/tickets/do?weblang=en&d


Baths of Diocletian


terme_di_diocleziano_iiTo satisfy the demands of the ever–growing population of this part of the city, Emperor Maximian who shared imperial power with Diocletian, built a complex of baths between 298 and 306 on his return from Africa.



Opening Times:  Tues – Sun 9 am – 7:45 pm. Closed Mon.

Tickets: MUSEO NAZIONALE ROMANO One ticket valid for 3 days for 4 sites (Palazzo Massimo, Palazzo Altemps, Crypta Balbi, Terme di Diocleziano). Full price: 7 euros. Reduce price: 3.50 euros for EU citizens between 18 and 24 years old .

Booking: +39.06.39967700 (Mon-Sat 9 am -1:30 pm and 2:30 – 5 pm);